Board of Directors

Co-Founder and CEO

Sasneh R

Sasneh is a co-founder at Ferdalance and serves as a board member and CEO. He is a serial entrepreneur and has more than six years of experience working with big brands across Canada and North America. With a background in marketing and an endless passion for AI, he deals with creating, planning, implementing, and integrating the strategic direction at Ferdalance.

Co-Founder and Chairman

Rahul Baby

Rahul is a co-founder at Ferdalance and serves as the Executive Chairman of the board of directors. He completed a B-Tech degree in Computer Science from the University of KTU, Kerala. Rahul works on product and business development at Ferdalance. In addition to that, he is a finance enthusiast who runs OOTE academy of financial education where he teaches young people about personal finance, capital markets and entrepreneurship.