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Ferdalance Technologies was born in 2014 when friends with internet marketing passion united. Looking back feels great when our clients say about their journey of success with us. We influence the internet by creating significant results on search engines and that's what surprise our clients.

We have a collective of veterans in the field, so it’s safe to say that you just have to sit back and let us worry about all hurdles in the digital marketing dimension.
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Our experts will be at your service 24x7 to support you with any aspect of our services. We are easily accessible and approachable at any time and we always welcome feedback and healthy criticisms from you so that there would be gain at both sides in the endeavour.

Focus on Results

Rather than just taking up the job to do digital marketing for our clients, we identify their strengths, and set specific goals. We focus on achieving these goals in a stipulated time period by implementing specialized strategies with highly talented resources so that our clients stays the best in their field.

Strive for Excellence

We want our clients to be excellent and we are aware of the fact that we need to be excellent first! Quality design and content along with quality backlinks are what we proudly offer to our clients. We do not compromise on the quality of services we offer. Be it organic or paid, our promotions are guaranteed to bring in leads.

What The
Experts Say About Us

Steve Toth Freelance SEO Consultant

"Sasneh is my secret weapon. He’s a talented Swiss Army Knife Internet marketer. I can count on him to handle technical SEO implementations like schema markup, site speed and really anything related to my WordPress sites. If you need someone to look after tasks related to your site, I can’t recommend Sasneh highly enough. Last thing I will say is that not once has he ever let me down and I’ve been working with him for over 5 years."

RJ Rossouw Founder at InstaLeads

"Excellent and detailed keyword research delivered in record time. I don't actually want to recommend Sasneh because I want to have him all to myself."